A. Services sold at CuteAzian.com are final. Therefore, no full or partial refunds will be given.

B. The premium plan is sold on a 30-day basis where subscriptions are renewed automatically on the 31st day after purchase.

C. The cancellation of the service is possible and with no fee. To stop the subscription, go to ccbill.com and follow with the username, password and subscription ID or # provided at the time of purchase.

D. The cancellation of services (recurring subscription) is full and sole responsibility of the customer and need to be done before the next billing term. (30 days)

E. The service is arbitrary and completely managed by CuteAzian.com, the services provided are limited as specified on the PLAN A or B. No additional services will be provided.

F. Screenshots or saving at the premium service is NOT allowed. In cases that may seem like a “mistake” (mistakes will be considered by CuteAzian.com only and no other arbitration party), a warning will be given. In all cases saving or screenshotting will result in permanent ban from the premium subscription, the subscription will be immediately terminated, and no further charges will be given.

G. Any demand, harassment, or repetitive spam of messages to the performer/ premium provider, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and constitutes grounds for BAN. The performer is not obligated in any moment to post anything specific, as this service is sole access to the performers premium post.

H. The content presented in premium service is owned by cuteazian.com, customers have access to view it. Customers have no ownership of the content presented in any plan at cuteazian.com. Customers are not provided any personal licenses or commercial licenses at the time or purchase. Infringing this numeral will result in permanent ban, (refer to f)

I. As presented in the premium snap page at cuteazian.com, access to the premium account story will be given, the content presented is not specific or scheduled, as it is simply access to the performer private premium service. The content provided is not specified or guaranteed and is solely up to the performer desire.

J. The terms of service at cuteazian.com are in the ability to be modified at any time and without notice. CuteAzian.com 2017


Harassment, rude, inappropriate, demanding or annoying behavior will generate ban from the service. The cancellation of the subscription will be sole responsibility of the banned user. No prior notice will be given before removal. (refer to F, G in the terms of service)


The product is for personal use only, of the subscription holder. It cannot be used by any other website/person for commercial purposes. All the performers on this page are 18 years or older. Subscribers must be 18 years or older depending in your jurisdiction.


The pages of this website are designed for ADULTS only. They may include pictures and materials that some viewers may find offensive. If such material offends you or if it is illegal to view such material in your community.